Carrying A Burden

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light– Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew 11:30, NIV

Sometimes I try to carry too much at one time. This usually happens when I am either loading or unloading clothes from the washer or dryer. Or as I grab all the empty food bags or half empty fast food drink containers. Most of the time it works out. But, then there are times when I leave a trail of clothes on the laundry room floor or spill my half full drink as I juggle the bags, packages and my purse. I usually either drop the empty bag full of used food wrappers or I spill my drink. My phone is usually in my hand also, so the sacrifice of a dropped bag is a much better choice than dropping my cell phone. But, why is it always the clean sock that fall from the laundry basket?

I realize that I needed to take more trips from the car and grab fewer clothes. But, in my hurry and overconfidence I had tried to carry it all at one time. I realize that I tend to do the same with all my stresses as well.

I want to carry it all and figure out how to solve each and every problem, or perceived problem I encounter. I say perceived because if there isn’t a problem, I can sometimes find one because I tend to overthink everything. And I also tend to solve others problems- even if they too do not realize they have a problem. Any one else do the same?

I need reminders daily that I do not have to carry everything by myself. I do not have to solve each and every problem or stressful situation. And more importantly, I do not have to believe that they must be solved quickly. I have to be reminded to turn them over to Jesus and ask for His help. I need Him. I am not designed to go it alone, carrying it all.

I remember hearing a sermon once about taking Jesus’ yoke upon us. It might sound like a burden, but in reality it is Jesus who bears the burden and we are just attached to the yoke alongside Him to be guided by Him. Only one side of the yoke needs to do the pulling. If we try to pull it our way we will struggle. If we let Jesus lead, He will take the burden.

It sounds simple to do, but when left to ourselves we tend to default to carrying the yoke alone. We don’t want to admit we need help. We all need reminders that Jesus promises help and sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and help us even when we are so over burdened that we do not know what to pray. May this be a reminder to you today, to give your burdens to Jesus. Let Him direct and pull the weight. There is no need to figure it all out yourself.- God Bless, Nancy

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A Christian writer and teacher who loves to encourage and challenge believers in their walk with Christ. I am a graduate of Liberty University and the proud wife of an Air Force veteran and the mom of three grown adults.

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