So, do you have any impossible people in your life? Those difficult ones who you have written off ? The people you’d rather avoid? I’m sure as I mentioned it, you could think of at least one or two. If you didn’t, well then, you’re awesome and do not need to read this blog.

Anyway, I admit there have been people who have crossed my life’s path that well, I thought would always be the way they were. Nope, that person is definitely difficult and I’d rather not hang out with them. Maybe they shared a different political opinion than me, or a different religion or a lack of religious affiliation, but there was just this thing that made them difficult. And I admit, I thought I was a much nicer person than they were. So, I wrote them off as the impossible people in my life. The ones who were too far away from ever changing.

I was reminded yesterday at worship that God does the impossible. As we sang a popular worship song by Sanctus Real that’s chorus says “Unstoppable God let your glory go on and on. Impossible things in your name they shall be done” , God brought to mind a person who I had seen the impossible work of God take place. Many times I think when we sing songs like that, we are thinking of how God will do things for us, rather than thinking of what He can do for others. Those difficult ones. The ones we have written off as impossible. I was reminded of that person yesterday I had written off, the one who would never change and whose heart was hard and cold, especially toward God. But, He did. God did the impossible and reached the impossible person that I had given up on. I found myself praising God as I thought of this amazing impossible thing God had done. This song took on a whole new meaning for me. The story of the rich young man came to mind as I began to write this morning, reflecting on yesterday’s worship..

In the Book Of Matthew 19:16-26, Jesus is questioned by a young man what he should do to live forever. Jesus knows the young man’s real problem, despite his good life, is that he lacks compassion and is holding onto his riches for his security rather than trusting God. We might call him a rich man or a self-made man, who although he appeared to do everything right, Jesus saw his heart. And then Jesus asked him to give away all he had and follow him. The man turned away sadly as apparently he didn’t want to do this. Jesus then began to teach that it is difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. I know you might be thinking” Wow, does this mean I’m supposed to be poor to follow Jesus?” No, Jesus’ point wasn’t that , He just saw how much the young man placed his stuff before Jesus. Even the disciples questioned Jesus about this, so relax, you’re not alone in your thinking. They wondered  what Jesus had meant and asked Him ” So, WHO can enter the kingdom Jesus?” It is impossible for anyone if the standards are so high that you’re telling us this rich young man, even though he does what’s right in every other area of his life, can’t make it. To this Jesus replied; “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (ESV)

So, what is Jesus talking about? Men might look at the outside appearances and circumstances, as the disciples had done; they saw the young man walk away from Jesus and heard Jesus say it was difficult if not impossible for the rich to inherit the kingdom of God and write the person off. It is Jesus who sees the hearts of men and works the impossible from the inside out. The people we think will never change, God can change. He is the God who does the impossible. He did the impossible in my heart, so why should I limit what He can do in another person’s heart. Someone might have written me off  before I became a follower of Christ, but God did the impossible and while I might still be difficult, I mean we all aren’t perfect!, I know God is the God of the impossible; I have seen it for myself. I have learned to not be so quick to write others off as the unreachable or unchangeable. -God Bless Nancy

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A Christian writer and teacher who loves to encourage and challenge believers in their walk with Christ. I am a graduate of Liberty University and the proud wife of an Air Force veteran and the mom of three grown adults.

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